Wedding Videography Tips You Need To Know

Weddings are special and in order for us to remember this day, many hire videographers to capture this special day in their life. Although you can just give the couple the raw footage of their wedding, they would like it even better if you added some creativity to it and made a short video out of it. This is what is now asked by couples and you should learn how to properly capture videos during that day because you don’t get a do-over. Here are some useful tips that you should consider.

  • As the videographer, you need to capture the scenes quickly and you need to make sure that you only capture the subjects and not the head of a relative who is also trying to capture the moment with their personal camera. Sometimes, the relatives might think that you are too rude because you always go up front just to get your shot. To make things more peaceful, ask the couple to make an announcement to give you the most priority because you are hired to capture them. Explain to the guests and family members that you hate to be rude but you just have to do your job.
  • Extra cameras that stand in the corner of the room and automatically record the event are quite useful because they can capture amazing and small moments that can be used when you are already editing the video.
  • Find amazing final cut pro plugins that can help you edit the video and make it all tidied up. There are lots of plug-ins that can help you with adding text, editing the color, adding filters, editing sound, and many other effects you need for the video.
  • Use additional lights when needed. The lights will give more emphasis on the current event that is happening but you don’t always have to use them because you can create drama and emotion with them. Try to do focus lighting on the first dance but you can have normal lighting as they dine and eat their meals. Too much lighting can also be hard on the eyes especially if the couple isn’t used to it.
  • Create a story with your short video. You have to be creative enough to let them feel like you are a storyteller and that they are patiently waiting for the events to come. This can touch your viewers emotionally.
  • Make sure that you are tidy and neat all throughout the event. It is understandable that you have a lot of equipment but you should also make sure that they are neatly placed in a corner when not in used or that your wires are not too tangled up that they are already blocking the way. Keep things in order so that you also lessen the risk of losing your equipment or damaging them.
  • Come in advance because there are candid moments you can capture before the ceremony begins. You can even come early and shoot the bride or groom as he wakes up, provided you had permission to do this, so that you can start your story at the start of their day.

Why Should You Choose WordPress as Your CMS?

Today, there are many content management systems available that can help you address all of your needs in web development. These include WordPress, Joomla, Website Tonight, Blogger, Homestead and Drupal among many others. Here, we will discuss a few of the reasons why you might want to choose WordPress over these other systems.




The user interface and the back end administrator interface of WordPress are relatively easy to use. Creating new posts, uploading photos and videos, and managing users can be done even by non-technical people. All of the functional elements are logically laid out in such a way that makes them easy to find. Such ease at which users can take advantage of this CMS might be because WordPress was initially marketed as a blogging system towards bloggers and people without any technical backgrounds.


There are hundreds or thousands of free as well as premium themes available. With this amount of resources, you may be able to easily create, manage and post new content as often as you would like.


Furthermore, web maintenance has also been made simple. It is easy to switch between different themes. It is also possible to quickly modify the aesthetics, layout and functionality of your website. If you have the necessary skills and experience, it is even possible to build your own custom theme.




Despite being so easy to use, the functionality of the CMS is not compromised. Many plugins can be downloaded, installed and configured in order to help you achieve the design that you want for the website. A broad array of modules even for mobile platforms is also available.


Open Source


The open source nature of the CMS means that the development community is constantly pushing functional and security updates. With hundreds or thousands of volunteers, new features, security fixes and bug fixes are frequently released. Thousands of widgets, plugins and themes are made available every day. These tools can all be used to create and transform your website into almost anything.


Aside from the creating a great pool of resources, the community also provides an overwhelming amount of support even on third-party websites. It is very easy to find solutions to your pertinent concerns.




By using this CMS, you do not have to spend a lot of money. In fact, using it may even cost you nothing. Getting the premium themes as well as a hosting package is not free of charge, but this still cost very little compared to developing your own CMS.


SEO Friendliness


Within the CMS, there are numerous features and plugins that may be used to launch and manage organic search engine- campaigns. It has features, for example, that can generate clean permalink structures, which are SEO friendly, as well as plugins such as the All-in-One SEO pack and Google XML Site Map. Other functions include the integrated link management features, as well as some features that allow assigning of nested and multiple categories to articles and tagging of posts and articles.


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